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Learn with Lucas Chevillard

Hey! I am working in digital marketing at Airbnb since 2014.

Before that, I was running acquisition and retention in a smaller startup which was developing a mobile app.

I have been doing digital marketing for almost 10 years as a freelancer or full-time. With a focus on email marketing. For business of all sizes and industries: from online betting, to video games, travel or music...

Currently, I am also mentoring a couple startups to jump start their growth strategy with digital marketing. Happy to get in touch with you to hear about your challenges. 

Why offering a free digital marketing course?

It's not complicated: digital marketing works for all when applied correctly.

You most likely landed on this page due to a digital marketing tactic that I'll cover in this course. 

After helping several startups to develop their digital marketing strategy, I realized that many businesses didn't apply it well. Most of the time, they referred to unrealistic articles shared on LinkedIn or Twitter.  

My goal is to share best in class digital marketing tactics and strategies that work. 

Also to learn. Go through more challenges across more industries. This will allow me to discover some facets of digital marketing that I do not use every day in my work.

Why should you take this course?

You want to learn real digital marketing tactics and strategies to bring more users to your website and turn them into loyal customers.  

This course is completely free. If you like it and want to go further I'll guide you to my favorite paid courses. But let's just start with a free option. 

So if this sounds like a plan, feel free to start the course by entering your email and main digital marketing topic of interest below.